Oversized Vacant Duplex with Massive BRRRR Potential in Arthur Assigned

  • $480,000

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a significantly discounted multi-family property in the City of Arthur. Currently, there are only 2 listings in Arthur, all of which are less than a 10 minute walk from the subject property, the cheapest listing being $590k on the same street and is a single family house. The subject property boasts potential with a very large lot size of 60ftx165ft and has the potential to add multiple additional bedrooms due to the large interior size of the property. Properties in this area regularly trade above 500k+

Take advantage of this amazing undervalued property in Township of Arthur, situated 30 minutes from Guelph, and where there is currently limited supply of sales on the MLS. With over 3,000 in interior square footage and currently two legal units with an large attached storage station and garage (adding >350sqft in space), this property is perfect for cash flow oriented and BRRRR investors. The property is located in a prime area and is just a 5 minute walk from Arthur Public School and a 3 minute walk from local grocery stores, cafes, banks, restaurants etc.

This beautiful charming character house is structurally sound and is all brick. The property requires cosmetic renovations to modernize the interior aesthetic and has the potential to add additional bedrooms for additional rental income. Due to the lack of supply in the Town of Arthur, single family properties commonly sell above 500k+, especially in prime locations. This property is amazing for BRRRR investors and fix and flippers due to the limited supply on the market.

Currently there is only 2 listings nearby, both of which are in the same street and also brick houses. They are listed at 590k and 840k respectively.

Properties in Arthur are rare to come by- let alone multi-family properties in a prime location. Get your hands on a detached property with great flipping, BRRRR, and long-term upside potential today!

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