BRRRR Single Family Home Less Than 200k in Sudbury Assigned

  • $195,000
  • 2 beds
  • 1 baths

This is an amazing opportunity to purchase single family house in one of the most desirable areas of Sudbury for both homeowners and renters with no bidding wars. Located in the Minnow Lake area, this single family home proves to be the perfect entry investment for investors looking for a BRRR property in one of the strongest cash flowing and rapidly appreciating markets in Ontario.


This is the cheapest single family detached house in the Minnow Lake area on the MLS and is less than 200k.

This single family house is located in the 100 block on Ferndale Ave in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Sudbury, Minnow Lake. This property requires cosmetic interior renovations- perfect for investors looking to complete a BRRRR project. The basement is fully finished with a very large bedroom and large window, allowing for very ample natural light. Moreover, the lot size for this property is boasting a 50ft frontage by 120ft depth. The property is located among great family oriented amenities: 2 minute walk to Eyre Playground, 4 minute walk to Minnow Lake Trail and the waterfront, and 4 minute walk to small local coffee shops. This area of Sudbury attracts great tenant quality and has continuous new investments from many investors and is primed for long-term appreciation.

The market for entry-level properties homes in Sudbury is hot right now, with significant price appreciation of over 15% Year-over-Year, constant bidding wars and most homes going over asking.


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